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Established in 2017, Mr. Film Limited offers professional turnkey service on window film installation for both residential & commercial sectors.  We believe window film is not a luxury item but a necessary projection that should be introduced to the public in order to enhance the safety of living & working environment.  When typhoon season arrives there are news reporting windows blown out or broken. As a safety measure to reduce the damage and injury, the installation of window film can assure that the window will stand and remain as a unit even it is hit by strong winds or hard objects.   Moreover, window film can reduce electricity consumption by effective heat reduction, and the feature of UV protective offers a safe environment to the public.  With the increasing awareness and global concern on environmental protection, it is our aim to provide solutions for better living by using green technology to enhance sustainable development.   

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Mr. Film Limited offers professional onsite service ranging from consultation, measurement and installation. We specialize in installation for residential unit, commercial building, hotel, school, vehicle and yacht. 

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Mr. Film Limited offers professional turnkey service on window film installation, providing a range of globally certificated products. Our passion guarantees the best product and solution is offered to each of you.

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With the feature of higher tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, and good retention of physical properties over a fairly wide temperature range, Safety Film can enhance the safety of living & working environment.

Thickness options from 4ML to 15ML, safety film is commonly installed in shopping malls & commercial buildings.

Safety Film is usually transparent, and some can provide heat reduction and UV protection.

Product Introduction

4ML-6ML safety film can effectively resist the possibility of rupture caused by typhoon or external pressure. Even if it breaks, glass fragments will be stuck on the safety film, reducing the chance of harming passersby and greatly improving safety standards.

8ML-10ML safety film is suitable for installation in a large area of ​​glass over 2 square meters. In the case of vandalism, the safety film can greatly reduce damage and injury.

12ML-15ML safety film provides a safe and anti-destructive protection. It also provides a high degree of security when the bomb explodes, blocking the debris and resisting constant human attacks and preventing thieves entering the premise. If the safety film is used with 12MM or more glass, it can resist the bullets of shotguns, 0.22 and 0.38 pistols.

Commonly installed in residential units, vehicles and yacht, Solar Window Film has more options on its colour, function (Light penetration, light reflection, frosted film) & heat resistant rate from 40% to 90%.

90% up UV blocking rate: effectively avoid photodegradation, oxidation & damage to skin.

2ML thick: effectively stand against typhoon & can assure that the window will stand and remain as a unit even it is hit by strong winds or hard objects.

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